Cycle 1

DURATION: 1 HOUR each activity


General activities

Mr. Dizzy Needs Help! - Guided activity

The pictures in Mr. Dizzy’s book won’t stay put! They’ve all run off to hide in the exhibition. Quick, little sprouts, we have to help him! Can you find all the missing pictures?

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Activity description

First, the children listen to a message from Mr. Dizzy, asking them to help him find the missing pictures.


The eight missing pictures are cut into four puzzle-like pieces. All 32 pieces are hidden in three exhibition areas:

  • The forest and river
  • The paper machine
  • The invention of paper


The children explore these three areas to find the hidden pictures.


After all the pieces have been found, each child will try to find the matching pieces in his or her set, to assemble the puzzle. During this activity, the animator will show and explain certain artefacts, photos and videos. The children are invited to mime certain gestures.


Once Mr. Dizzy has recovered all of his pictures, the animator will tell the children a story called “The Secret of Paper.”

Apprentice Papermakers – Tour of the permanent exhibition

Papermakers wanted! Follow your guide on a journey in which all of your senses will be heightened. Pay close attention: not everyone is cut out to be a papermaker . . . Will you pass the test? (Cycle 1, second year only)


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Activity description

This activity is a game in which the children are given photographs and asked to identify artefacts, machinery parts and remnants of the filtration plant. It’s a fun way to introduce and explain the exhibition themes.


In addition to visiting the themed areas, the children will see what a paper machine looks like, as well as real filtration pools and pumps from the former CIP plant.

Specific activity

From Nature to the Printed Page – Science workshop

Books, magazines, notebooks . . . paper is everywhere! But do you know how it is made? Now’s your chance to find out! Using artisanal techniques, you’ll create your very own piece of paper, which you can then decorate to your liking. Phew! A lot of work goes into making a single sheet of paper!


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Activity description

Water is an essential part of the papermaking process. It is combined with wood chips to create pulp. For optimal-quality paper, the pumped water has to be filtered and purified with chlorine.

This science workshop gives children an opportunity to observe pumping in the actual pump room of the former filtration plant. Then, in the Discovery Lab, they observe a demonstration of water filtration and make their own sheet of paper.

Paper through the Years

The epic story of paper is rich in inventions and discoveries that changed the course of history. Guided by an adventurer who travels through time, the students will meet historical figures such as T’sai-Lun, who invented paper, and Johannes Gutenberg, who invented the printing press.