Memory space


Located at the heart of the museum’s permanent exhibition, Memory Space presents, through a short and medium documentary, the different testimonials gathered by Boréalis over the years. Each year, a different theme will be presented. To begin the second year, the Memory space present When the mill closes, a medium-length documentary by Simon Rodrigue.



For decades, the pulp and paper industry was the jewel in the crown of Canada's economy. Today, with so many mills closing down, what future is there for the forestery communities that spreng up and prospered around them? Through lucid, inspired testimonials by former workers, this film delves into the industry's glorious past gauges the true impact of mill closing on local populations and on the way the forest is managed.


Researched, Written and Directed by: Simon Rodrigue

Editing: Ariane Pétel-Despots
Camera: Helgi Piccinin, Moïse Marcoux-Chabot
Sound Design: Olivier Calvert
Original Music: David Boulanger
Associate Producer: Mélanie Lasnier
Producers: Johanne Bergeron, Marie-Anne Raulet
Executive Producer: Colette Loumède

Memory Space is located in the multipurpose room, at the heart of the permanent exhibition.